Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's wrong with my start bar? It's disappearing!?

I'm on a work computer so I can't right click to get into the properties to keep the toolbar on top nor can i do anything really technical so changing registries is out... How the heck did my start bar start disappearing when windows are maximized? No one changed anything, is there a keyboard shortcut for this? It just started this morning.What's wrong with my start bar? It's disappearing!?
maybe your IT engineers changed a system setting just tell them sure they will sort it out.What's wrong with my start bar? It's disappearing!?
Right click on your task bar, and go into properties, there's a check mark box next to ';keep the start menu on top of other menus.'; make sure that is clicked, and your task bar is unlocked.

If you can't get into properties, I'd ask a help desk tech or an admin to do it for you, shouldn't take more than 2 seconds.
Oh, simple, it's a technical normal error. I experience it over 10 times already. You have to do is right-click the start bar. And then, enable lock startbar. There you go. If it doesn't work go to and ask them what happened.

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