Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I need tech help with my keyboard?

well right now i am on my friends computer since i cannot type on mine but what happened was after i fell asleep i plugged in my computer to charge and in the morning my keyboard was really messed up i even tried a usb one.

what is wrong is that 90% of my keys are shortcuts for example

r= opens the RUN program

l= locks my computer

m=minimize window

space=open windows sidebar

x= windows mobility center

t= opens my computer

g/b = just does not type anymore

u= ease of Access center

n/m= change window (alt+escape)

can anyone tell me how to fix this? it happens on the computer itself since it still happens with the usb keyboard on my computer and i live alone so i know nobody messed with it at nightI need tech help with my keyboard?
You probably have a virus...Run a virus scanner

You may have a corrupt registry; run a registry cleaner (CCleaner)

-Try system restore

You may have to run a clean re-installation of Windows XP

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