Saturday, November 13, 2010

Help me change my Ctrl+Shift+S keyboard shortcut!?

Every time I hit Ctrl+Shift+S, my HP System Information pops up, instead of my intention - to ';Save As'; in whatever program I am working in. Soooo how do I change my HP System Information keyboard shortcut from ';Ctrl+Shift+S'; to something else. I want ';Ctrl+Shift+S'; to be ';Save As.';Help me change my Ctrl+Shift+S keyboard shortcut!?
The Ctrl+Shift+S is set currently by another application and needs to be set on that application before it can be set on this application. Ctrl+S is currently only good for Saving as set by default on your program and it should stay that was as it's a universal command. Remove the HP software from your computer to ensure it's not going to happen again, and also, make sure you hit just Ctrl+S to save, keep your finger off that Shift key!!Help me change my Ctrl+Shift+S keyboard shortcut!?
For any shortcut on your desktop or under the start menu, it is possible to set a shortcut key to trigger it (Right-click shortcut, select Properties).

Maybe there is a shortcut somewhere for HP System Information that has a shortcut key set. If so you need to find it and either delete it or remove its shortcut key (from Properties, click in Shortcut key box and press Delete).

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