Sunday, November 14, 2010

Allow remote access?

So, my computer screen on my laptop pc went black, but I would like to still access it remotely. The problem is that I do not know the computer name and also do not have the 'check box' selected to allow remote access. I tried to use keyboard shortcuts to enable it and change my computer name but i had no luck because i can not see the screen. Any advice? I access other computers in my home remotely from my mac, and all i need to know is the computer name. How can I find this if i can't see the screen?Allow remote access?
plug in a different screenAllow remote access?
Most laptops a blue (vga) port on the side or back of them that you can hook another monitor into. Do that and you should be able to see stuff on the new screen that you just plugged in. If you have a wirelss network at your house, you can usually connect to your wireless router (typing into internet explorer) and most routers allow you to see all the computers that are connected to your network. This should give you the computer name, or at least the IP address of the computer. Even if you could get the IP address it should allow you to connect to the laptop without knowing the name of the laptop
Try pulling out the hardrive and connecting it to another laptop, the problem is probably a graphics card failure, so if you put it into another laptop then you can access your material regardless of screen and card error.
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