Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keyboard shortcut help please!?

Okay well while playing World of Warcraft, when I press Caps Lock, it minimizes the screen. I guess its setup as a shortcut, but I dont know how to change/get rid of it. Any help would be great!

And please dont suggest installing AutoHotKey, as I tried that, and found it unbelievably confusing ( I'm not very good with anything to computer related). So if you could layout what I have to do nice and simple would be great! :)Keyboard shortcut help please!?
Don't do what he said above.... it'll close out of the program. Anyways, I played a little WoW so I kinda think i know what to do. If you press esc the menu comes up right? Well under the options area I think there is a tab that is like hotkeys maybe you can find an option in there that will take the capslock hotkey off?Keyboard shortcut help please!?
just hold alt and hit the first four function keys





its an easy quick fix, worked fine for me.

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