Saturday, November 13, 2010

How do I change Firefox back to its ';full display'; on Mac OS X?

I obviously hit some keyboard shortcut that I was unaware of, which changed the top of the Firefox browser to a smaller version that doesn't display my bookmarks toolbar and other information. Does anyone know the shortcut so I can change it back? Thanks.

Please note, I'm using a MacBook and have Mac OS X, so I know it's not F11 like it would be on a PC.How do I change Firefox back to its ';full display'; on Mac OS X?
You confused us with two different ideas:

1) making a window fill the screen area.

2) showing toolbars in Firefox.

For #2:

in Firefox, go to the View menu, select the two that are available.

For #1:

There is no ';maximize'; button for a Mac window. The green button is a zoom. It will change the measurements of a window but what you get varies with each application. It is a developer's prerogative. The only truly predictable feature is that if you click the zoom again, the window returns to the previous size that you chose in the first place. Sorry, but Mac OS has been this way for many years, even before OS X.

When you open the first window of an application, you put it where you want and size it how you like it. What happens with the second, third, and fourth window depends on the application, not OS X. In Firefox, for example, subsequent windows that you open will be the same height and width as the first setting you chose and align slightly below each previous window, making a series of ';steps';. If the first window was at the right edge, each subsequent window will keep aligned to the right. If 1st was at left edge, each subsequent window will move a bit to the right. This has been the ';Netscape'; window behavior for many years (Firefox is built on the Netscape search engine). Safari is a bit different. The second window will step down and to the right unless the previous window is very near the right edge. Then the next window will pop open at the left edge. Annoying but true. Nothing you can do to change that except set the browser to use tabs instead of multiple window.

In MS Word, each new window opens in a Firefox-like step pattern but all new windows have a pre-determined height and width, ignoring your chosen size. PowerPoint will put the top left corner in exactly the same spot as the previous window but has its own pre-determined height and width, ignoring your chosen size.How do I change Firefox back to its ';full display'; on Mac OS X?
If the link I sent you doesn't help and you can't find the answer , maybe you would be just as quick re-installing firefox
Go to the upper right hand corner of the firefox window and click the little oval shaped button (on the opposite side of the red, yellow and green circles).
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