Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Computer problem. Screen resolution changes when I try to move down.?

My laptop is dying :( it was working fairly okay, a few BSoD's, but it recovered. But for the last two days it's been doing this weird thing.

It is working fine and then it suddenly changes without me doing anything. When I try to move the cursor down (for example, to move down on a webpage) instead of moving down, the screen resolution changes. Everything gets smaller or bigger if I move it up. Also, when I type the letter w in any window, it closes itself. And when I press the letter p it tries to print. And any other keyboard shortcuts that I haven't found out yet.

And now, when I open a new webpage, it comes up big, without the menus or toolbars at the top like it used to.

Anybody know why it is doing this or how to cure it?

ThanksComputer problem. Screen resolution changes when I try to move down.?
That is odd but I would suggest that some keys are stuck.

If you use a scroll mouse (with a wheel) and scroll up and down while holding down the CAPS key, it changes the resolution of the screen (not many people know that!).

Many keys also have meanings when you press the CTRL or ALT keys at the same time. That would explain the printing, for instance.

If it's not the keyboard keys themselves, it may be the keyboard connector inside, or even the keyboard driver. Whatever - it definitely has to do with the laptop thinking that certain keys are being pressed.

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