Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Need help with my Macintosh?

Is there a shortcut key that will change the input language between japanese and english keyboard input setting.

I know how to change manually but, it get's really annoying when you have to stop what your typing go and change it just to put english in and then go back to writing japanese.

my friend tells me that on japanese computers, they press the tab key or something and it automatically changes it instantly, if anyone can tell me how to do this on a mac i'd appreciate it.

CheersNeed help with my Macintosh?
System Preferences -%26gt; International Control Panel -%26gt; Input Menu Tab -%26gt; ';Input Menu Shortcuts'; at bottom

Make sure the ';Show input menu in menu bar'; option is enabled.

You can also go to System Preferences -%26gt; Keyboard/Mouse -%26gt; Keyboard Shortcuts... to edit any shortcut.Need help with my Macintosh?

Apple key + Space

Check under...

System Preferences %26gt; Keyboard and Mouse Settings %26gt; Keyboard Shortcuts %26gt; Input Menu

...if it's active.

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