Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Im using a vista laptop and today I decided I wanted to make the font larger. some idiot thought they'd put an option on there to make your text 500% and god knows why because then idiots like ME are gona come along and see wat 500% looks like !! long story short my writings now so big I cant change it back because the windows are so large theres no scroll bars on them anymore so you cant scroll down in the list of your properties and find the change text option im stuck with a useless computer now only thing that really works okay is the internet obviuosly..but yeah how do i change it back. some website said ';DONT TRY TO MAKE YOUR TEXT 500% unless you have EXTENSIVE knowledge of keyboard shortcuts!!!'; read that a bit late tho didnt I. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME no other site on the net has been useful. u cant just press tab to manouver thru the options in properties because it doesnt work. u cant even see the options cos the icons are massive now too. im prety sure theres SOME way of fixing it..COMPUTER FONT IS TOO BIG I NEED HELP?
You can try starting in Safe Mode. When your computer is booting up and it starts listing the Windows Registry (or whatever its called) start tapping F8 repeatedly. In Safe Mode, you should be able to navigate your PC and change the settings back to normal. If you can't change the settings back, then run a System Restore from Safe Mode. It will take your computer back to the way it was last week. Just click the Start Button/ All Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Restore. I have done it a few times with my computer, and sometimes I had to wait a minute or more after clicking it for it to appear. Or, I'd click a button and have to wait a minute. So be patient.

Sometimes I use the keyboard instead of the mouse to navigate. You can click the Windows button between Ctrl and Alt on the left side, and the menu will pop up. Then, you use the arrow keys to navigate the menu and click Enter on the program you choose. You can use the arrow keys instead of the scroll bar. Also, you can get to Control Panel using the above mentioned method. Then, use the Arrow Keys at the Control Panel to go from icon to icon, and click Enter on the program you choose. I only know a few shortcuts that I use when browsing the web: HomePage (Alt+M), Address Bar (Alt+D), and Favorites Folder (Alt+C). F5 = Refresh. Alt+F4 = Close Program. When you are at a program, you can click Alt+F instead of clicking File, or Alt+E instead of clicking Edit, or Alt+T instead of clicking Tools. Then, you use the arrow keys to choose what you want. If you wanted to print a document on Windows IE web browser, just click Alt+F for File, then the arrow keys down to Print, then Enter. You never have to touch your mouse.COMPUTER FONT IS TOO BIG I NEED HELP?
Just go to the computer properties and you should be able to find it.
Right click on the desktop and click properties. Then there is a option, i think it's appearance or something like that and you can change the settings. Thats for Windows XP. It's simple thing to fix. I think you can restore to default
System Restore. Go back to the most recent restore point.

I can't find where you were. The only options I see are for 200% being the highest setting.

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