Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Linux Help- Volume Control Malfunctioning?

I just installed Mandriva- and it was fine until the installation was complete.

There is the Volume box that pop-ups when you are changing volume- stuck in the middle of my screen. I think this is because it is constantly decreasing.

How do I fix this? Mostly I want the big Volume box out of my view- but I would also like to have volume. - Any suggestions?

I'm a totally new- so I've played with some things. I tried to kill Kmix- but it would re-start immediately after. (and the volume box never went way) I tried to have no sound programs on the auto-start, but it didn't change anything (I wasn't familiar with most of those programs, so I might have missed one) I tried checking for jammed keys. (The shortcut on my keyboard is Fn-Page down and neither, let alone both, were jammed) I tried to erase all the short-cuts, and that also didn't help. (actually- my shortcuts still worked, so perhaps I did that wrong)

I'm out of ideas that are obvious to me.Linux Help- Volume Control Malfunctioning?
Hi, I think its a bug with kmix or something, try the Mandriva forums cause I have never heard of the behavior on any distro I ever used.

Why not use a better distro like openSUSE, its way easier, polished and its just AWESOME!


I have my own suse blog here and here r screenshots as well



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The problem with Mandriva is that after every cool release one release is buggy.

openSUSE is the best :)Linux Help- Volume Control Malfunctioning?
Well, one volume control never fails. Open a terminal session and type alsamixer as a regular user. It should provide an ncurses control for your audio hardware. Esc closes the program, and your arrow keys move between and adjust sliders. M mutes sliders. you may need to get a seperate alsa tools package to use this applet on your distribution.

Also, if you want to kill a program ,you often have to use ';kill -9'; instead of just ';kill.'; Yes, lower-case kill, followed by a space, a dash, and a nine. Then, of course, the offending PID or process identification number. Xkill will get the darned thing off the screen, by the way, but won't kill the underlying stalled process.

Sorry, but Linux has a way of being obtuse. I weouldn't doubt there's easier ways to do these things on Mandriva, but I don't use Mandriva so I can only teach you distribution-agnostic methods,

Oh, and while I hate distro evangelists, I do concur with another poster that Mandriva is buggy and bloated, Sorry.

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