Sunday, November 14, 2010

Please help, I broke my laptop screen.?

Okay, I managed to break the LCD display on my laptop yesterday. I was planning to replace the laptop some time in the summer when I had a bit more money, so I don't want a repair. I was thinking of an external monitor but these too are about 拢100. I found this on amazon: and was wantering if I could link my TV up to the laptop? I suspect that would be possible, but if I successfully connected the two, would I need to do anything to make the display come on? Because of the brand of my laptop, there is no shortcut to change the output from my keyboard (I was shown that this was possible on other brands like Acer), so if I needed to change settings on screen it would not be possible because of the broken current one. Sorry about how complicated that sounds but any help will be greatly appreciated! Thankyou in anticipation.Please help, I broke my laptop screen.?
you should get someone to fix te screen

but the computer's site should tell you the best way to do it with googlePlease help, I broke my laptop screen.?
You could use a connector such as the one you described. If you do choose to fix your laptop you can usually find cheap used LCD monitors on Ebay. They are relatively easy to change also.

When you Install this, Right Click on the desktop of your computer, click properties and then go to display settings.

If you have an ';Fn'; key, you can push that and F8 for it to switch over to the TV.

If you completely unhook the junk LCD screen it may just automatically choose TV as the output location; however, I'm not certain on that.

The issue would be initially making it show up on your TV without the ';Fn'; key. I think that if you detatch the broken monitor and have the TV all plugged into the side video adapter, then it should work for you.

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