Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm interested in the new version of yahoo classic?

I read something on yahoo's website about a new version of yahoo classic. I am NOT talking about the yahoo beta, but rather an updated version of yahoo classic, where yahoo removed certain keyboard shortcuts and changed several other features. One of my yahoo e-mail accounts changed to this format, but the other did not. Once again, this is not the yahoo beta that uses a tabbed interface, but rather a newer, sleeker form of yahoo classic mail. When I searched yahoo answers, several people responded that this does not exist, but like I said, one of my e-mail accounts changed into this new format, while the other did not. I'm wondering how I can switch my other yahoo e-mail account to this format. I have over 100,000 e-mails in this account, so simply creating a new account is not an option. Any information about this would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long question. Thanks!I'm interested in the new version of yahoo classic?
You may be talking about the ';All-New Mail'; upgrade----which, while it sounds good, is far from perfect (as projected).

However, if you've encountered no troubles with your other account that switched ----then it should be fine to switch this one also.

On the mail page (of Classic account)---open the inbox----and on the right side you will see a purple link---';Switch to the New Mail';---and you're on your way.

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