Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mac Wireless Keyboard Trouble! HELP!?

I recently purchased a wireless keyboard for my iMac computer. and my old wired keyboard had the keyboard shortcuts-meaning F1-the birghtness would work when pressing on the key. or F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12 would work for my iTunes when I have music playing. Now that i have this new wireless keyboard when i press the brightness key, nothing happens. when i press F7 the replay key for iTunes nothing happens, when i press F8 it takes me to spaces. i tried to go to system preferences keyboard %26amp; go to keyboard shortcuts %26amp; try and change stuff but its all screwed up. how do i change it so that all the F1's-F12s or any other key is back to the way it was on my wired keyboard? i tried to look it up on google and forums but i havent found anything that made it work!

PLEASE HELP!Mac Wireless Keyboard Trouble! HELP!?
Go to system preferences%26gt;keyboard%26gt;keyboard shortcuts and click ';restore defaults';

Sometimes pressing the fn key or option key with the F key works with an alternate keyboard layout. I have a 13'; MacPro, so the keyboard is compressed. My F keys are double keys. F1 is dim display, option F1 opens the system prefs Display tab. F3 is Expose', option F3 is system prefs for Expose'

If the behavior is random, the battery is low. Wireless Keyboard Trouble! HELP!?
If it is a wireless Mac keyboard, then everything should be working. Just go to the keyboard section and set everything to the default settings. If it is not a Mac keyboard, check the website to see if there are new drivers for it.

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