Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some questions about the enV3?

My enV2 is like... dying. External keypad not working, speakers dying, always randomly shutting off. I LOVE my enV2 but I was wondering if I should get the enV3. I don't like how the space bar is in the middle. UGH. Some other questions are:

I read that it randomly turns off. Does that happen to you?

Good battery life? People either said it was really good or really bad.

Can you have music open on the outside?

Can you take a video with the phone closed?

Do you get used to the change in keyboard? (Space bar, symbol button, etc)

I like how fast the camera is on the enV2. Is it slower on the enV3? Slower than the voyager's camera? Can't stand that.

Can you set a shortcut to my sounds?

Sorry so many! And just in general, overall, pros and cons?

THANKS!Some questions about the enV3?
Hey, if you were happy with the env2, i'd say definitely go with the env3! They are similar, but the env3 is just an improved version, so i would say go for it.

- No, I have not had it randomly turn off, but keeping in mind that my phone is still new, i just got it recently.

- The battery is average (and I'm a pretty heavy texter), while it is not great, I was not disappointed in it, coming from the env2 and before that the alias. It is about the same as the env2, maybe a tad shorter.

- Yes, you can have music open on the outside. You can access it from the external menu.

- No, you can't take video from the outside, only pictures. Unless, there is a way to i have not found yet.

- Yes! I got used to the keyboard so quickly. After playing with it for a few hours i was already comfortable with it. I actually like the new setup better than the env2. You'll adjust to it in a snap.

- No the camera is not slower than the env2, i'd say about the same.

- Yes, you can. You can set up your shortcuts however you want, up to 4 options.


- threaded messaging

- just type to reply feature

- customizable main menu

- large 2.6 high res. internal screen

- 3 mp camera with flash

- keypad and qwerty keyboard

- great sound quality

- multiple themes (some new ones too)

- Nice looking, light, small phone

Cons ( i don't have a problem with these, but some people have complained)

- Small external screen (improvement from env2 though)

- flash too bright

- battery life could be better

*edit: You CAN have the messages set up the same way as the env2, there is now also an option to set them up by contact (threaded messaging). You have the option to change the message view setting from time (original) to contact.

Overall, the env3 is a great phone, a real improvement from the env2. If you like the env2, i really think you will love the env3! Good luck! i hope this helped you a bit :)

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