Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to get out of text tool in InDesign?

ok, so the keyboard shortcut for text tool is T, and the shortcut for selection tool is V. Switching between those two is just typing T and V Right?

Now I want to know how to get out of text tool after typing using keyboard shortcut.

Obviously you can't use keyboard shortcut ';V'; to get out. because that will just type V in the text box that you were just working on.

So is there a way to do this without using the mouse? And I don't want to change my indesign shortcut settings because i want to be able to work on different computers without messing with the shortcut settings each time. THANKS!!!How to get out of text tool in InDesign?
There are a few ways, one of which involve a click of the mouse that I think is the easier and quicker way.

The keyboard shortcut is the Deselect All Command (no mousework involved):

On a Mac: Command + Shift + A

On a PC: Command + Shift + A

What I do involves a mouse click. Hold Command (or Control on a PC), and click anywhere outside of the text box.How to get out of text tool in InDesign?
Just tried it and I see your problem. I'm using CS3, and it looks like you just need to hit ESC instead of V. The selection tool/ black arrow is listed as having both V and ESC as short-cut keys.

Hope that helps...

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