Sunday, November 14, 2010

Screen trouble with Mac?

Something very odd just happened to my screen while I was using Illustrator. Suddenly, every window zoomed in and the movements I made on the touchpad caused the screens to scroll. And I mean -every- movement, not just when I hold one finger on the pad and scroll with another. I don't even know how it happened! I -was- using a keyboard shortcut to change a font in AI, that's all I know.

And now, ugh, the movement of all screens is making me nauseous. The computer is a MacBook Pro. Help, please..Screen trouble with Mac?
Though I'm not exactly sure what would have caused it to happen, it sure sounds like your screen resolution got shrunk WAY down, to the point where the screen will have to scroll to show everything rather than being able to display it. Try to get out of the program, or to your system settings. Check to see if you can change the resolution. If not, then I'd simply restart. That resolves many issues on macs. If neither of those help, then you could put in the system CD, start up off of that, and run an install of the OS. You shouldn't lose any data, it should simply replace any broken/missing system files. With out going really in-depth, I would assume that one of those would probably help resolve your problem. Good luck.Screen trouble with Mac?
mine does that too sometimes - i don't know why. hit ';escape'; and it goes back to normal.
Not sure exactly what this is, but it sounds like it could be one of the user interface tools for accessibility.

Try hitting F11 to enable *that* mode, then hit it again to exit. With any luck, you'll exit the mode you're in.

Alternately, just reboot. I know, it's the Microsoft solution, but what the hey. :)
u tell me dude!! i was planning on buying one myself and if there are such hidden probs, i'll have to consider the windows!!! Damn

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