Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fried hard drive causes?

Here are the details:

My macbook is 10 months old.

I have an external fan in addition to its internal fan.

Here's how it happened:

I was in the middle of playing xplane and wanted to change around the keyboard shortcuts, so I went to system preferences. My computer started functioning really slow, and eventually the spinning rainbow wheel replaced the mouse pointer on the screen. I heard these rythmic clicking noises on the upper right side of it. I tried to force quit out of all applications, but the force quit window wouldn't show up.

Finally, I held down the power button and it shut off. After about 10 seconds I restarted it. The normal apple symbol and spinning gear was replaced by a blinking folder with a question mark inside of it.

Don't tell my to put the startup disk in, or do anything that may supposedly help this problem-I've already tried all of that. Just tell me if you know what the cause was.Fried hard drive causes?
Sounds like a bad case of ';infant mortality';. It's well known in the electronics industry that a small percentage of parts are just going to DIE for no apparent reason, a short time after being put into use. Manufacturers account for this in their warranty policies and pricing.

It doesn't mean the thing isn't built well - it's just a fact of life that not even the best processes are 100% perfect.Fried hard drive causes?
did u ever try to format ur hard drive? thats wat fries most hard drives..

or could of been of over use or bad cericiting

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