Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to delete a keyboard shortcut?

i have a very irritating shortcut on my computer. when i press: Alt + left arrow + arrow up (it has to be in this order) my sound goes a bit lower. and i don't like that. and in the game i play i use this very often. is it possible to delete this shortcut? or to change it. i also have this problem out of the game so i has to be a windows shortcut.How to delete a keyboard shortcut?
This sounds like a hard-wired shortcut embeded in Windows, your keyboard drivers, or your computer itself. The only way to change it would be to download software to specifically block such a shortcut from working.

Of course a much easier way would be to simply go into your game's settings and change one or more of the controls so this shortcut would still work but your game wouldn't interfere with it. Change Alt to Shift or CTRL or something.How to delete a keyboard shortcut?
it should be your sound hotkey setting.see if you can choose and unuse setting.

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