Saturday, November 13, 2010

Any keyboard shortcuts for Macintosh?

I'm using a borrowed mac, but I'm getting very tired of using the mouse for everything. I'd like to know how to change words to bold, underline, etc., also, how to change windows, select, copy, paste, undo, etc. Any info will be appreciated.

Good day!Any keyboard shortcuts for Macintosh?
How many do you want?

For Mac keyboard short cuts in assorted 3rd party apps check in the file menus.Any keyboard shortcuts for Macintosh?
nope i have a real computer that i can actually do stuff with, without being restricted, i know how you feel
I have no idea, because macs are not as cool or as dependable as mac users want you to think, in fact mac OS sucks. Just as much as windows. Get a free linux OS, i would recommend Abuntu for beginners.
The command key is like control on windows. The command key has an apple on it. command b, command u, its really the same as windows. Command tab to change applications. command ` to change the window in an application. copy paste and cut are the same as on pc.

other handy ones are command h for hide. command n for new window. f11 to show the desktop.

Once you get the gist of it macs are much easier than pc, although i use both to keep it interesting.
mac is a great os, but it's such a loser when it comes to applicatins... sorry dude, better switch to computers with os from microsoft.
If you're used to Windows, the Apple key acts much like the ALT key on Windows and most shortcuts are the same.

Hold the Apple key and press ... ';B'; for bold, ';I'; for italics, ';U'; for underline, ';C'; to copy, ';X'; to cut, ';V'; to paste, ';TAB'; to switch applications. AppleKey + Z to undo, AppleKey + Shift + Z to redo.

They're also listed in almost every application under the various menus beside the appropriate function and in most cases should be in the help files for each application too.
for all those negative about the mac, seriously you need to first try before you speak! it out-did the windows by far; now that windows has attempted to catch up with the vista it s doing better but still not as good as mac!

as for your question here are some that haven't been mentioned already....

if you are on an internet webpage, press esc to go back

apple key(command)+c copy, command+v paste, command+w close window, command+s save, command+delete move to trash....
yes, there are a lot. Press: apple q to quit any application. Use apple n to open the hard drive in a new window. Use apple w to quit a window, and some others. here's a website with all of them:

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