Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Opera 9 speed dial set as homepage?

Hi, this relates to a question i asked before, i would like to know how i can change the homepage button on the opera 9 toolbar so that when i click on it the speed dial tab opens up, i have managed to get this to work via the keyboard shortcuts but cant seem to get it to work using the homepage button, any ideas please.

PeteOpera 9 speed dial set as homepage?
i'm glad i was successfully able to help you with the mapping of homepage shortcuts ctrl + space and alt+ home to open speed dial! in your earlier question. I'm sorry i didn't mention about homepage button stuff...guess it just slipped my mind at the time. Well no worries, because i'm gonna solve your problem totally right now.

Well, there is no way you can change the existing homepage button on the toolbar of Opera to open speed dial . BUT surely you can drag a homepage button onto your toolbar which when clicked opens the speed dial.

First of all remove that homepage button from your toolbar (right click -%26gt; remove from toolbar)

Now, go here http://www.xs4all.nl/~vangeijt/opera/dnd and scroll down a li'l bit till you see 'Speed dial buttons'

Now all you got to do is drag the button 'speed dial' -- (open Speed Dial in the current tab, ';Homepage'; icon) to your toolbar . It'll ask you whether you want to proceed, Hit yes!

Voila! you got the homepage button onto the toolbar which when clicked opens speed dial in the current tab!

If you want the tile icon which performs the same function , then drag the other speed dial button (open Speed Dial in the current tab, ';Tile'; icon) onto your toolbar.

that's it!Opera 9 speed dial set as homepage?
Speed dial is excellent.You can use 9 homepages in one page.But if you don't like try:tools and after that Preferences and then set your hompage.

Hope you find your answer
Start Opera. Open a new blank tab so that speed dial appears. Go to 'tools -%26gt; preferences'. Where it says 'Homepage' click 'select current'.

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