Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Problem with my taskbar on Windows Vista PLEASE HELP!?

I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my laptop and recently a problem has developed on the taskbar.

The middle section (between the quick launch icons and Windows start menu %26amp; the icon tray on the right) has stopped displaying the current windows that i have open.

(for example, when i am running Firefox and Windows Live Messenger, it does not display the current windows like it should do on the taskbar).

The quickstart icons, tray icons and the menu button still all function correctly.

I have tried several different things to sort this problem out:

I have checked all of the settings (which i didn't change in the first place) to see whether anything is different and it isn't

I have restarted my laptop several times

I have tried to do system restore

I have restarted the 'explorer.exe' on the Windows Task Manager

I have ran the msconfig to check for any problems

I have change the style, colour and transparancy of my taskbar

I have tried minimising the taskbar and restarting it and still i do not know how to fix it.

The only way i can switch through programs is by using the alt %26amp; tab keyboard shortcut.

I would really like to solve this problem and so i would be very greatful for any suggestions.

Thanks :]Problem with my taskbar on Windows Vista PLEASE HELP!?
OK i have found a program that just might work for you.

Type into google taskbar repair tool download that but you to register it before you can use it i got mine cracked it fixed my taskbar no problems there. In fact ill give you the website to save you hassle hehe.

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