Saturday, November 13, 2010

How can I change Windows keyboard shortcuts?

Well, today I was playing World of Warcraft when I had to press Alt+2, but then suddenly my computer was suspended...I didn't know what was going on but after a while I realised tons of stupid keyboard shortcuts were activated...When I press Del my computer just shuts down...What can I do? It's really annoying!

Also now when I try to put a question mark, besides the question mark itself a ';='; comes up...the same with ', a zero comes up with it...perhaps my keyboard is just acting up??How can I change Windows keyboard shortcuts?
First thing to check is has the keyboard's country changed? As certain countries have different functions for different keys and also the layouts are different ';under'; the keys as it were.

To change it to UK 鈻?br>

Control Panel 鈻?Regional %26amp; Languages 鈻?On the first page at the top change the drop down to English (UK) 鈻?At the bottom change the Location to United Kingdom 鈻?Advanced 鈻?Change that drop down to English (United Kingdom) 鈻?Apply and OK

Have you tried trouble shooting the keyboard in the Keyboard in the Control Panel.

If it is a programable keyboard, have you tried reinstalling the drivers for it. An odd couple of times when mine acted up all I did was reinstall the drivers for it.

Is it wireless? Batteries? Reset the keyboard or retune the receiver.

Other than that I have run out of ideas!

Edit 鈻?Just thought of another one. If keyboards are moved around quite a bit after a considerable time, if it's wired, the small wires break inside the cable just as it enters the keyboard, because that bit can't flex. Therefore because the wires short between themselves they send garbled signals to the computer. Have had that happen in the past.

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